Tom Boy Tyrant


Slowly she walked, the blues playing in her ears. The cool winter breeze kissing her skin. Many times she wondered should I have worn jeans? 

Perhaps the shortfall of a damp winters morn teamed with bare legs was a mistake too great to comprehend. 

Pick up the pace, warm your bones. 
A flick of her mousey hair and a quick wink to the sky. She danced with Mother Nature a jolly merry step, warmth and happiness ran through her. The trees singing their blissful tune. What could be more fulfilling than a Sunday stroll and tune.  

Word to the wise – avoid bare legs in December on a chilly damp Sunday. You’ll only end up covered in mud and soggy. 

Alternatively to encourage warmth jump in muddy puddles and skip and dance. I prefer the latter. Much more enjoyable. 

 Dress – H&M  Belt – ASOS Boots – New Look (old) Jacket – Topshop Bag Primark


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