The Vampyre in Me


Lipstick – MAC Coated Skinnies – River Island  Feather Cape and Mesh TopTopshop Shoes – Office
If there was something I could say about October it would be that it is my favourite time of year –

Smokey bonfire smells, warm nights at home, boots and coats, the night of spooks and cooler crisp days.
The dark side of me comes out this time of year. Anyone who knows me will know that I pretty much only wear black. I like the dark side of things.
All Hallows approaches – I don’t think I am actually attending any spooky parties, however I love the fancy dress side to it. NO not dressing up like a slutty zombie, I would adorn a more Morticia Adamms look – long gowns, lace, black nails, pale face and blood red lips approach to things.
So my choice of the high streets offerings for this time of year are above – leather, pleather, pu trousers WOW I love them, I just love leather it’s filthy, I love it. Plus this incredible feather jacket from Topshop is to DIE for.
I have a serious shopping problem, mainly with shoes. I pretty much spend my entire life buying shoes and adoring each and every pair. All black. No surprises there.
So I thought I’d share my little black world with others, I love the absence of colour and the occasional splash of it.
“We danced in graveyards with vampires till dawn” – Little Earth Quakes, Tori Amos.

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