Strawberry Ice Cream Breakfast Shake

I’m back – like Salt’n’Pepa; “Tiger, Tigger I bounce back…”

It’s been an incredibly turbulent 2 years. I’m not going to bang on about it here. I am writing about some experiences but they won’t be shared until I, and they are ready.

So after a deep depression, over eating ALL the wrong foods, things that I am even intollerat to.. I am finally back in a place where:

a) I am not on self hating, eat everything in the fridge mode.

b) Feeling relaxed, happy and MYSELF.

c) Fully embracing my creative side.

So of course that means I have been back in the gym, working on a strong healthy, toned physic and back in my kitchen conjuring recipes and ideas that I will want to eat in the morning.

I’ve written quite candidly about my complex relationship with food, the issue I have is that I love it and hate it too. Now, that’s a story for another day, the great mother in the sky and I are on good terms so I don’t wish to write about painful things right now. For me life is all about eating, drinking and being merry with your nearest and dearest. That’s great, after 12pm…

I am without doubt, NOT a morning person. I get up early, yes. I love my morning coffee and early runs and gym sessions, but quite honestly the thought of eating when I wake makes me gag.

So I tend to workout on an empty stomach and then eat as soon as I return. This of course means my body needs a solid breakfast, one that gives me proteins, carbs and fats.

Yada, yada, yada – you’ve read one health food blog you’ve read them all eh.. On the contrary; I am a firm believer in a shed load of FLAVOUR. The aim of my easy, peasy meals is to not only give my body all the nutrients it needs but to also emulate child hood favourites, flavours and tastes without all the nasties that conventional alternatives offer.

I like sharing these ideas because not all of us can create a Chia Bee Pollen Supercallafragalistic Mocha Latte Pudding with Matcha Bon Bons and a Mint Leaf Tuile.

Ok, so some of my recipes are elaborate but I try to keep things as simple and functional as possible. Meals that don’t take hours to prepare and with ingredients that most of us have and that don’t cost the earth. Healthy eating is NOT expensive, when done smart.

This is DELICIOUS. Simple, filling, packed with everything your body needs for a busy morning and even great as a post workout smoothie if you aren’t an early exercise bird like myself..

Ingredients –

Vanilla Protein Powder of Choice – I use Nature’s Garden Vanilla 90% Soya (mit’s the only protein powder I have found that doesn’t make my stomach bloat, hurt or turn)

1 Tbl spn Ground Flax Seed

1/2 Frozen Banana

1 Nectarine

7 Frozen Strawberries

2 Tbl Spns 0% Greek Yogurt

2 Tbl spns Steel Cut Oats

Milk of choice (added as required to aid blender and get consistency desired)

The Extremely Complicated Method –

Throw all into your high speed blender till smooth.

I like to top mine with more fruit, but you can add nuts, seeds, granola etc.

1 serving is 338kcal and high in protein, good fats and fibre!



*Disclaimer* I am not mocking elaborate super foodies; I admire many. I’m just bitter.



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