Poor Sweet Innocent Thing

Jeans – ASOS
Belt – H&M
Coat – River Island
Boots and Vest – Primark
Good Morning!
This is my attire for Friday – this is a typical outfit for me at work. Although today I have actually worn a pair of blue jeans!! It’s a rare thing!! I love these though so comfy!
My coat is so warm! Genuinley thrilled the weather has turned colder because I have an array of coats to wear and this is my most recent I love the tweed it’s a nice lenght too. Perfect winter coat if you ask me.
The boots were a serious delight to find in Primark – the perfect smart day boot and extremely comfy. I love pointy boots so genuinely chuffed when I spotted these!! They also do them in a dalmation print and I must admit I am going to purchase them as I recon they will jazz up any black outfit I wear. The top is ancient however I love it – built in support and makes me look like I actually have a chest!
I also love this taupe nail colour – I am addicted to nail varnish I see a new colour and buy it I have a box full of them. Even though I am crap at nails I love a spot of colour somewhere.
Tonight I am out with the boy and some pals I am STILL undecided on what to wear – I know what lippy and shoes I am wearing it’s everything else inbetween I am stuck on!! Any ideas??
Happy Friday Y’all

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