DIY Dance, an edit inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. 

Back in May, My aunt took me to opening night of the Royal Ballets adaptation of Frankenstein.

Not only was the choreography stunning; very classical, the music was outstanding and the atmosphere set beautifully. It was, as far as I am concerned; near identical, performed as if to bring Mary Shelley’s novel to life right in front of your eyes.

Being a lover of gothic literature it was an incredibly emotional and wonderful experience.

Not only has it given me the drive and determination to grab my pointe shoes once again and train so hard, my feet hate me. I’ve been wearing workout clothing more frequently again. There is such an extensive range avaliable online and in shops now, however whilst enjoying the sun  I decided to destroy an old pair of skinny jeans to create my own gothic/street dance outfit. One pair of jeans has given me leg warmers, and pair of shorts! Result!

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Satin Pointe Shoes – Bloch in Paris

The dance training has been so therapeutic and challenging. Not only has my body changed, I’m flexible, strong and full of energy, I’ve found it’s the fittest and healthiest form of excersise for me. I can express myself artistically and stay fit at the same time.

It’s not secret that I love to exercise and dance around, anyone who knows me or has eyes knows that I love to dance. I forgot the impact dancing actually has on me,  in such a positive way.

Long story short, I was merely enjoying a sunny afternoon in the garden and decided to destroy a pair of jeans, voila!

Ballet Street Style – how very “Save the Last Dance “; of me.

Khaki skinny jeans from – The End, Watford

Gothic, dance, attitude.

1/4 Sleeve tattoo by Connor at Crazy Diamond

White leotard (arms ripped off) – ASOS

Black, satin Pointe shoes – eBay


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