New Year – Fresh Thoughts

HAPPY NEW YEAR – I’m back with a vengeance, I have taken time out from my ramblings as I have had a really hectic tail end of the year. I started a fantastic new job – if you live in the Watford area make sure you pay me a visit at Edge Salon in Croxley Green. It’s a fabulous place and we are a talented team, so if your locks need some attention you know where to go. It’s also a totally Organic salon offering high quality products and colour systems that use no ammonia, harsh chemicals or plastics. Perfect for people who suffer from allergies as they are 100% organic.
Christmas was incredible this year, my boy and family really spoilt me and I had such a blast.
SO – New Year new thoughts, I am NOT making silly resolutions to give up something, I am making my thought process change to a positive, I can be extremely negative and self destructive so I am eliminating those thoughts and looking to the future.
I am going to put lots of effort into my blog too – expressing my personal style whilst also offering styling tips etc. I am very passionate about fashion and style so  will put it all into something constructive.
I hope y’all had an incredible festive season and 2013 is kind to all of you.
Outfit posting will resume tomorrow I am very excited to show you all the lovely new things I have received.

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