My Hair is my Thing

Bad updating! I’ve been absent the last few days due to starting a new job and I’ve been poorly so today is only a small post.
My hair has been the crux of all my appearance issues my whole life. I have changed it so many times because I get bored easily and ALWAYS regretted cutting, I have a very manly face and short hair does NOT suit me. I’ve been growing it forever – I want it at my waist and 6 years of extensions meant I had an instant fix but I failed to look after it properly. So it never grew past my shoulders. Now it’s fairly long, and I feel the colour needs a revamp. I have been dark, black/brown for ages now and I would like to go nearer the lighter brunette side. Not too light as I have really dark eyes but I have scoured the net for a couple of pics – what do you think? My reasoning is, if I try the colour of Mila Kunis – will I magically inherit her face too?
Can’t blame a girl for wishing.

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  1. I say Mila Kunis style-y with the slight rootage at the top to give it some interest. I always find when i just have med/light brown hair i feel meh…no drama! whereas Mila's is cool 🙂

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