My hair is my thing…

My Hair has always been the bane of my life…
Being a hair stylist I have done some absolutely ridiculous things to my locks – I’ve been blonde with a short bob, red with one side of my hair shaved, blue and pink panels of colour. You name it I’ve done it.
However now I am on a mission to get my hair back to waist length – when I was at secondary school I must have been about 13 I cut it all really short  (got the nickname golden balls cause it was similar to how David Beckham had his back then) scarred me for life! Then I grew it all down to my waist until I got my first hairdressing job as a junior and then it was all gone again. Now I have longish hair it’s all black/brown and in fairly good condition.

Shampoo routine is always either Aussie Luscious Long shampoo, conditioner and their 3 minute miracle treatment – Aussie is the BEST high street brand out there. Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner is beautiful but I rarely purchase this as my nearest stockist is Brent Cross and I am lazy!!
FAST shampoo and conditioner is LUSH – it has to be used everyday – ordinarily I don’t recommend this as styling your hair everyday causes damage however again I am so lazy during the week my hair dries it’s self and is shoved into a bun on the top of my head. FAST shampoo is beautiful it’s the priciest at £24.99 for the shampoo and conditioner however it leaves your hair so soft and silky and it does promote healthy hair growth. A wonder product I recommend to all my clients and friends.
When it comes to post washing I always use a serum on my hair (at the moment John Frieda Full Repair) – I have bastard hair it is lank and silky on the top and curly and frizzy round the nape of my neck so a serum on the ends smooths the frizzy parts and protects against heat.
I NEVER use straighteners on my hair any more – I am lucky enough to be able to blow dry my hair smooth and curly – the best hairdryer is a Parlux again the priciest one out there but it is the best and I always use boar bristle brushes they are the kindest to your hair. I will do a tutorial of how to blow dry your own hair section by section soon – it’s not as hard as it may seem.
In between days Batiste is the go to product – I get the one for dark hair as my roots are black/brown the white residue isn’t hot.
So that’s my regular hair care routine – what’s yours??

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