Lemon Leaves 

  There is no beauty without some form of pain. It’s my paradox; one I choose to explore.   
  As she wondered through the mist, a thought entered her mind. What if the leaves stayed this way would they still be so beautiful? If something doesn’t change or evolve would we still find it as interesting? Does change aid growth? 




I once spoke of my disliking of boot cut jeans. This strong emotion still remains a baggy boot cut does nothing for me. It doesn’t excite the senses. However a perfect skinny denim flare ignites a Woodstock esq jaunty nimph – so frolicking amongst leaves on a damp and foggy Sunday morning becomes one of splendour! 

I love the changing of seasons. The perfect transition into the bleak winter. 

Twist, dance and embrace – one day your body won’t want to move in this way so just go with it. Dancing and movement has been proven to aid in human brain development. It releases emotion, endorphins and having fun is good for the soul. I find when I feel low just listening to music and moving to it can release some of those feelings. Give it a go. Make people wonder what on earth you are doing. Don’t be afraid to be silly. 

 Please note – if your denim refuses to stretch and you decide to de pant for autumnal dancing, do make sure you enjoy a nice warm cup of tea after. It’s getting chilly. 

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