La Vie Est Belle

“Life is Beautiful”

Ok so sometimes it’s not but overall I will agree it really can be.
This perfume for me most def is BEAUTIFUL. I actually stumbled across it by mistake. My all time fav is Viktor and Rolf – Flowerbomb. The shop didn’t have any in stock so I hunted for something fruity/floral and my word I was not disappointed with this find! It’s so similar! With hints of jasmine, orange blossom and patchouli it is lush! I am wearing it this eve for a night out – I highly recommend this scent. It’s pretty yet sexy, the bottle is modest which is for me a small downside I am a HUGE lover of pretty bottles for my dressing table, however I always get complimented on how lovely it smells.
Outfit of this eve will come tomorrow. I am currently setting my hair! I know I just aged 50 years but I have to do this to get the body into my hair! After spending 40 minutes blow drying I have to make sure my hard work stays put.
Hope y’all have a great Saturday!

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