It’s All Within You – A Perfect Autumn Start

It’s getting dark.. Cold.

Many of us lack the drive and want to get up and out – being so far north on this beautiful planet we call home, the slowing hours and darker evenings can cause havoc for some. Being National Mental Health Day I feel it’s fairly encouraging to discuss the dangers of lack of light, air and good food.

It’s simple, we are animals. Lock any animal into a small space, with no air, lack of light, nutrients and social interaction they are likely to be driven a little mad 

  Being someone who suffers massively at the effects of the lack of light and being a socially inept introvert I have spent a lot of my life suffering with debilitating negative thought processes and emotions.

If you know me well you will know that as soon as I am in a situation where I feel uncomfortable I hide. Much like a little chicken running from a fox. Now… if you picture a nightmare and push it into your deepest subconscious for an extreme amount of time it starts to manifest it’s self. Into your daemon. A dark shadow that follows you into the smallest space and teases you till you believe every word it says. So you fill that deep void with anything, anything that makes you feel pain, makes you feel reality because the truth is you cannot separate reality from the dark. It feeds your doubts, your fears, it torments you and you believe it.

Much like Morticia Addams pointed out – “What is normal to a spider; is chaos to a fly”

I chose to treat my body with respect. I am a creative, a thinker and a chronic worrier. I feel so deeply it hurts. It’s also exhausting trying to put all that negative emotion somewhere without hurting yourself or others. I’ve considered myself an extremely positive person to others – I genuinely want people to succeed in their dreams. But I’ve always believed I am not someone who deserves that for myself. I considered myself a waste of time, an under achiever. I’ve never tested well, I find attention terrifying and also struggle to speak to people I don’t know.

So imagine my own surprise when I decided to actually try and be myself. I quite enjoyed it. Then it became so much fun I never wanted it to end. So where is the off switch?

Where do you pour all your pain? Into creativity.. Into ideas, dreams and hopes. Or into despair, insomnia, physical abuse and isolation.

It’s tiring. Eat. Sleep. Smile.

Sleep. Smile.


Just keep smiling no one will notice. Sadly once the eat and sleep goes, so does the smile. Your insides rot, your spirit dies and so does your hope.

And then you wake up.


How do I make something I can’t bare the thought of more exciting? More appealing… Better for my health. I start to explore it and create with it. Then I realise I’m late for work and all I am doing is dicking around with a bowl full of Oats and fruit.

No one will give too hoots. 

 THAT’S IT. I’ve answered  my own question. I do. I actually do.

So I chose to look after myself and in hope help others. If I can encourage others to be themselves then the more open we can be with each other the better. Human positive connections.

So when you are late for work be sure to have something prepared, your brain and body cannot function without a balance of carbs, protein and fibre.

And the Breakfast cookies were born.

You will need –

Makes 10 small chunky cookies

2 Cups of good quality dates – stoned and softening in a bowl of boiling water

3 Teaspoons of the juice from a freshly squeezed orange

1 teaspoon of Nutmeg

Add the juice and nutmeg to the dates as they soak and let them soak up the flavour

In a grinder add a teaspoon of Cloves to 5-6 Brazil Nuts and a small handful of Macadamias and blend until a soft crumb.

Then to a good quality blender add the date mixture, nut mixture, 4 cups of GF Oats and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and blend until it’s a dough.

Roll into balls and flatten into cookie shapes and bake in a pre heated oven at 180 for 35-40mins

Make sure half way through you turn them over.

Leave to cool on a rack and voila.

A reason to get out of bed.

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