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Be still my beating heart. The autumn has been blessing us with the most beautiful of days. I’ve chosen to dedicate this post to some influential females. It’s soppy, and with Samhain approaching (Pagan New Year) I get emotional. 






 I celebrate individuality everyday. I look up to many who show courage and strength in so many different ways. I’ve spent my life being a die hard Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair and Stevie Knicks fan.. Thanks to my family’s incredible musical influences I’ve been blessed with the gift of an extremely broad musical vocabulary. I will listen to anything and everything and pull feelings and emotions out with them. These musical women all inspire me so much due to their incredible writing. Tori for me especially. She wrote extremely frankly about being raped in her music and the pain and revelations through all her albums explore her personality incredibly and her albums all explore different genres and styles. These creative processes and honesty are incredibly inspiring.

I’m also incredibly lucky to be surrounded by incredible people every single day. One’s who don’t judge you, accept that you will always be obsessed with anything slightly dark, wishing you were a vampire and begging them to join you in naked moon dancing. Being human is a unique experience – not an easy one. In the past I found myself comparing my features to someone else’s and get distressed that maybe I’m not as pretty, not as funny, not as intelligent as others. Then I have to remind myself that, I am the only me.

If you’ve ever been in a place so dark and they have come into the woods to find you and stayed with you till the storm passes and helped you learn to be yourself again and loved you even when you weren’t human, you don’t let them go. They’ve all been through things I couldn’t imagine getting through myself and their strength and passion for life inspires me everyday.

There are so many people out there who torture themselves over their appearance – the world we live in now makes comparison and self abuse easier and easier and I will highlight people here – it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, what gender you are. If you tear someone else down about their appearance and judge them negatively before you’ve even given them a chance, that toxic energy stays inside and rots. No amount of hating on others will make you accept your issues. Everyone feels the pressure to fit in with society. Right from the minute we understand that we differ, those feelings can creep in. I wish to support anyone who celebrated being themselves; be part of a change in speaking about fears and doubts and celebrating the human condition.

Now speaking of creeping – this is me. Creeping around woods in the most beautiful blousy dress from a local boutique The Edit it’s the perfect blend of bohemia and witchy splendour –  I fell in love with it immediately.

So if you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise… The leaves have fallen, the sky is black and the owls are singing. It’s getting dark and so are my thoughts. So I’ll share them. Join the horror if you dare. It’s going to be brutal.

Dress -The Edit, Bag – Boohoo, Boots – Missguided, Hat – H&M 

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