If I was a Rich Girl…

I think I nearly died when I saw this on Net-a-Porter this morning.
Shit. I am telling you lovelies this is a real treat to my eyes, I am such a lover of ornate, extravagant items and not to mention beautiful fabric.
If I had all the money in the world I would be snapping this Balmain lovely up.
I would match it with these unbelievable earrings. Yes I love ridiculous, in your face costume jewellery! Oh and the Alexander McQueen clutch is just too adoreable.
Expression of self, is I think the most important thing when getting dressed. I wear things because I like them, I have no other reason. I refuse to dress to please others. I remember a few years ago I wore a rather hideous violet leopard print dress (in hindsight not my best move) but at the time I loved it! Someone I didn’t know told me I look like a man in drag. Well.. Funnily enough if I want to look ridiculous that is entirely up to me and I will continue to wear items I like for my own pleasure and not to ‘fit’ in with others.

The world today can be so judgemental. I am not in the least bit afraid to be opinionated and be an individual. So many people out there worry what others think and I really love the blogging community for the fact that people are expressing themselves through what they enjoy and putting themselves out there.

Individuality is a wonderful thing. The sooner everyone realises they are beautiful in their own way the better. So no, I will never dress a certain way because society says so. If I like it I’ll wear it. Even if sometimes I get rude comments, if people have something to say let them. It makes life more interesting to stand out. Yes fashion is subjective and trends come and go it’s how you take that trend and make it your own that makes it exciting.
I am going to do an outfit post tomorrow… My blogging has been flagging this week sadly my photographer has been poorly and I am yet to get myself a decent camera to shoot myself. So it will resume as normal tomorrow.

I am enjoying this documenting of my love for fashion and my lifestyle. Need to get a wider coverage of readers. Any tips guys?

Anyway – that is my extreme lusting of the week.
I would love to be able to wear something similar to this on New Years Eve – so I will now make it my mission to trawl the highstreet for a velvet number to adorn this festive season.

Dress – here Clutch – here Earrings – here
All from Net-A-Porter.com

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