Morning my lovlies!!

So today I am going to tell you all about a woman who has been an incredible influence on me since I can remember  –

Tori Amos.

Anyone who knows me, follows my twitter will obs already know she is a huge part of my life.
Her music is so moving and no matter what mood I am in there is an album of hers I can relate to.
My father introduced me to her when I was 6/7 with her album Little Earthquakes to be specific with the song Crucify (still my all time favourite song – honestly if you don’t know, get to know).
Little Earthquakes also has the song “Me and a Gun” – a deep account of her kidnapping and rape and it is a really moving strong accapella piece. She is a co founder of RAINN – The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network – she is very open about her experience and helps bring strenght and hope to other women through this.
Her song writing is stunning – there is an air of melancholy to all of her music however her use of lyrics and her exploration of sounds differs in every album.
I cannot pick a favourite as I say each one has it’s own sound – each one I cannot fault I love them all.
I saw her in concert last year at the Royal Albert Hall – Night of Hunters Tour. When she performs it is magical to watch she has two pianos and plays both at the same time. I cried my eyes out when she played Silent All These Years – that song moves something in me a real gem for me, so seeing her play it live was a real moment of joy.
She is an incredible artist, pianist and song writer. She never dissapoints me if you intend on listening to her don’t give up too easily it’s heavy emotional stuff, however once you step out of the box and get into it, I can assure you it will change your life.
I cannot stop playing her most recent release Gold Dust – An album of previous work celebrated with a full orchestra – it is beautiful, re worked but still has the soul of the original songs. It is incredible!!
For me music is life. I cannot imagine a day when I go without it. It is in my blood and it sooths the soul.
I am really eclectic and like EVERYTHING. But Tori is my biggest inspiration and she is a real ambassador for women.
Look her up.
Here are some album cover images for you to behold.

“Looking for a saviour in these dirty streets,
Looking for a saviour beneath these dirty sheets,
I’ve been raising up my hands, drive another nail in;
Just what God needs, one more Victim…”

– Crucify – Little Earthquakes (1992)


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