Food – My Faviourite Place

Make no mistake, I love to eat.
Going out, cooking, eating I love food and the joy you can get from it.
Sadly I have a few intolerance’s. I cannot touch wheat, if I over indulge in chocolate and anything acidic I will be poorly too. BUT this doesn’t stop me!
I enjoy everything I can.
My favourite place to dine…
Randall and Aubin in the heart of Soho, London.
My word… If you’ve never been you MUST go.
It is a seafood restaurant – I LOVE seafood the patriarchal side of my family is mediterranean and seafood has always been at the heart of my culinary favours.
The vibe here is cool, trendy and fun. The music is loud the food superb!
Once a butchers shop renowned for its sourcing of the finest meat Paris and Britain had to offer it has kept the original interior with the addition of a couple of mirror balls and chandeliers.
It is one of the best places to enjoy great food and beautiful cocktails for a reasonable budget in my opinion. The menu is simple and classy the food prepared beautifully and served with that trendy soho edge.
I went at the weekend with the boy – being a fuss pot I had to give him a little persuation but he was not dissapointed. We had a fabulous meal and lots of drinks. You cannot book here but people queue down the street for a seat. YES it is that good!
You must try it. I love it here, my best friend and I love drinks and oysters with a side of music so we delight in the place.

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