Food Matters


I know that’s probably a statement most of you will think I am stating the obvious. 

But the harsh reality of a poor diet can be one most people really do choose to ignore. I was one of these people. My early twenties were one of severe despair, torture and complete self destruction.

I chose to treat my body with utter contempt. I ate all the wrong foods for my metabolism and my body. It showed. My skin, weight, teeth and mental health really suffered. My mental health is one of great importance as it is for all human beings.

Physical wellbeing, diet and hydration are SO important and as a society I feel we really do need to make a change.

 I sat in on lectures and met lots of people with fantastic ideas and wonderfully inspiring healthy food options. Meeting talented bright individuals, entrepreneurs who also have an interest in human well being; is SO inspiring.

I stumbled across some really exciting brands which I am going to scream about – these people deserve to do well. They are taking a leap of faith in something they are passionate about – much like my incredible friends and family who inspire me I am one for promoting taking a chance in fate.

I could rant about for days. But it’s taken an enormous amount of reading, studying and time for me to really gage an understanding of my body and what is good for it. Because I am passionate about helping others I’ve recently embarked on a nutritional therapy course and I am learning so much. Please be patient with me because it’s a slow process. Science was never my strong point but it’s incredible how much more I’m learning. So my course and interest in wellness and health took me to Food Matters Live.


 I broke through some fear barriers on Wednesday – went alone, talked to strangers and made some friendly conversation. It was so eye opening and I feel very lucky to have been a part of this.

It was also challenging and informative…

I was able to listen to some extremely interesting speakers on eating for weight management, mental health and tackling the sugar issues within our society… SO many minds and valid challenging points really encouraged me too.

I hope that I can only gage more information for you as readers as I feel helpful honest advice is the ONLY way forward.

I feel very blessed to have been a part of this fantastic day. I already can’t wait for next year.

Thank you to my course Director Alex for inviting me to listen in on her talk and to the organisers of Food Matters Live for creating such a phenomenal event.

All the images were shot by me but if you click on them they will take you to the owners websites for you to shop and enjoy.

I was particularly blown away by Jools Drinks, Arctic Power Berries, Cluo Beauty Drinks, Die Kraft and Nutricoa. 

All of these organisations focus on healthy living starting from within. 

All of which I am writing personal posts on over the next few weeks.

Thanks to all involved.  








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