Flying High Like An Eagle


Top – Zara/AA Disco Pants/Shoes – H&M/Bag – EBay/Ring – Crafted/Necklace- Primark/Watch – Michael Kors

I have always had an incredible obsession with shoes. I cannot even begin to explain how ridiculous it is. No matter what I will always find the money to buy some have to have heels.
These were an absolute steal just £10 of our finest British pounds and four weeks waiting for delivery later ta da; pretty mesh boots.
I saw them a roughly a month ago on Angelica Blick’s blog, she is my ultimate blogging and style icon. The woman has impeccable taste. I loved them so decided I would grab myself a pair also.
Styled with my go to trousers and this stunning silk sweat top I think they look lush.

So what is it about shoes that some women, ok ALL women find so irresistible? Well in my case it has to be how a pair make me feel. Take the classic black pointed court – ultimate power shoe, sexy and simple. They can be worn with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and they have an air of don’t mess with me glam.
The humble sneaker – makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside a little hug for my tootsies, yet different styles and colours make them a staple in my wardrobe – ok so mainly all black but the high tops to the converse they all say something different.
The simple strappy platform sandal – delicate with an attitude. They give me a girly feeling with the added height, who doesn’t want to feel like Gisele?
I have a shoe for every mood and every possible situation. I would never be seen in willies or furry sheepskin boots (we all know what brand) they just aren’t my thing. I am a strictly heels or sneaks girl. Even some of my trainers have platforms of a hidden heel (thanks Isabel Marant) one day I will own a pair of the Betty wedge trainers, I adore the Bekett too; but so many people have them.
Who am I kidding I would love both!
More often than not I find myself scouring the net for new additions to the closet, determined to give my feet the prettiest companions.


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