Devils’ Playground

Camo Jacket – Zara/Leather Jacket – H&M/Tee – River Island/ Skirt – Primark/Shoes – EBay/Watch – Micheal Kors

Just had a Creme Brulee latte. WOW.
Perfect lunch break. I also have the soundtrack to Breaking Dawn on repeat in my car. I am happiest when I get lost in music. I am always in my thoughts and lost in fantasy so music helps with that escapism.
I don’t like living in reality. It’s mundane most of the time. I am often described as being a little crazy, odd, weird. I like that. Who wants normal? Normal is an awful description. Anything ‘normal’ is a huge YAWN to me.
In the words of the great Tori Amos –
“I know I’m an aquired taste – I’m anchovies. Not everyone wants those hairy little things.”
I love that quote. I feel it’s a great way to describe yourself.


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