Delicious Starts

My current obsession is delicious ‘pudding’ breakfasts.

These are all completely Vegan, gluten free and AMAZING.

Both of these were incredible. Inspired by some amazing Instagram accounts I’ve been following. I love them.
The top one is overnight Chia Vanilla Pudding topped with Raspberry Nana ‘Icecream’ (1 frozen banana and a handful of raspberries blended) YUM.
The second is a Maca, Peanutbutter (I use Meridian) and chia overnight Oats – I soak my chia and Oats in Coyo Yoghurt and Coconut Milk. Topped with Cacao Nana ‘Icecream’. Then on both I’ve piled on my delicious Granola and lots of fruit and nuts.
I’m obsessed and these are my current breakfast favourite!!


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