Decadent Chocolate Cheese Cake

Chocolate. Cheesecake. Diet.

Three words, that when on a fitness mission most of us wouldn’t put together. Chocolate is a vice of mine. I am extremely grumpy when I deprive myself of it. So of course, I don’t.

Post depression I am back in the gym and nourishing my body properly. No fad diets, no ridiculous calorie cutting I simply make better choices.

Enough about me.

Let’s talk CHOCOLATE.

I love a good choc cheese cake but of course a lot on offer are PACKED with refined sugar. So, I decided to make an alternative that contains less than HALF the sugar content of a regular cheesecake. I used Coconut sugar in this recipe which you can get from most health food shops. 

This recipe is very rich so you can use half the chocolate that the recipe calls for if you want to, but this only contains refined sugar from the cooking chocolate I used. It serves 12 and comes in at only 276 kcal a slice|15g Protein|12g Fat|15g sugar. 

I did my research and 3 top supermarket alternatives all come in over 400kcal a slice! As I mentioned before I don’t really count calories, however some find calorie counting very helpful so I felt only necessary to count the macros for you.

This recipe is also high in protein thanks to the quark used to make the cream cheese topping. The only I suppose “downside” to this guilt free chocolate treat is the base has a high fat content due to the pecans, I used these purely for flavour. If you prefer a lower fat content swap for almonds. However, I would much rather that than a sugar packed biscuit base. 

It’s also a gluten free no bake recipe so you’ll only need a good blender, a loose base tart pan and a spatula.

SO you CAN have your cake and eat it and still not feel guilty if trying to be healthy 80% of the time.

You will need:-


200g Pecans

50g Walnuts

50g Blanched Hazelnuts

3 Tablespoons of honey

2 Tablespoons of coconut sugar


150g good quality milk chocolate

50g 85% Dark

2 tablespoons of Cacao Powder

400g Quark

5 Tablespoons of Coconut sugar

1 tablespoon Vanilla Essence

1 tablespoon of cinnamon


Pop all the nuts into your blender and grind till in a breadcrumb consistency – please be aware if you blend for too long you may end up with nut butter so keep an eye on it.
Once you have your biscuit style nuts add the honey and coconut sugar and using your fingers blend till crumbly. Then pop the mixture into the base of the tin and press down till it’s combined.

Pop this in the fridge while you make the chocolate cheesecake layer.

Break up the chocolate and pop in a bowl and microwave on high for 1 minute, give it a stir and then again for another 30seconds. This should melt all of it without burning it.

Pop all the remaining ingredients and the melted chocolate and blend until combined. Take the prepared base and spread this sexy combination on till smooth.
Leave to set in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

TA DA! How easy was that…
I like to eat my slice with a teaspoon of smooth peanut butter and dusted with cinnamon. Eat how ever you desire… I added strawberries for Gracie’s slice… She found this very rich. But some of my pals enjoyed it when I created this for their expert critic.

I really want to hear from anyone who tries any of my recipes as I like to know thoughts.

I am working on a completely vegan and sugar free version. But let’s face it some pleasures in life are absolutely necessary . I believe chocolate should ALWAYS be indulged in.

Please note… If you don’t make a horredous mess when in the kitchen, you’re doing it wrong. 



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