The Cat that got the Cream

Its a funny relationship the one I have with underwear. It’s a subject I’m sure many women struggle finding the perfect bra that makes them feel good, comfortable and dare I say sexy.

I for one have always had a severe disliking for boned or underwired styles. I have a bony chest, adding a wire to this can be monumentally uncomfortable. Girls, we all know that “I can’t wait to remove my bra” feeling. I’ve made my peace with my modest size. I have envied larger chests with a bounce and wished for them on many occasions. Stuffing bras with socks and even eating my way to attempt to grow more fatty tissues.

Now, I have chosen to quite frankly stop worrying. I am the way I am. I have the ability to wear certain items that I feel good in that involve not worrying about bra exposure. I have never found underwear shopping something to enjoy. Life is too short for me to be hating what my parents gave me. I’m lucky I have physical health and a fair amount of sanity. Or so they tell me.

The recent delights of lace boudoir underwear that has become available is one I can embrace in full vigour. I adore soft delicate and comfortable clothing and I found Cream Intimates online a while back and admired the stunning work involved in creating them. Jo hand makes all of her styles to perfection – and I mean perfection. I sent my measurements and the designs fit me beautifully. I am all for supporting small businesses and strong women going after their dreams, the internet may have created many monsters but the diversity, successes and connections it has made are incredible, I’ve met some beautiful, talented and wonderful individuals thanks to social media and I for one celebrate that.

My body isn’t societies typical female ‘ideal’ form, but I like my athleticisms so adorning these delicate designs makes me feel feminine. Being a tomboy I like spending most of my time in dirty jeans and t-shirts and making a mess with food so  I really am glad that I now have a wonderful collection of pretty intimates to pretend to be girly in.

Gone are the days of crying in changing rooms at my lack of voluptuous breasts, here’s to my tiny tits and the lace that encases them.

 I am a firm believer in promoting feeling wonderful in your skin and being yourself. I love anything rather dark and twisted and pretty black lace is perfect. I believe all shapes and sizes are beautiful and unique and I wish to celebrate the human form in all its wonders. Many people think a flash of a bra is suggestive, attention seeking. Asking for it. What if, shock horror; most of us wear something that makes us feel confident for ourselves? I know I certainly don’t wake up thinking –  I shall dress for someone else. If I like it I shall wear it. I have been known to show a bra or two in the past and I will continue to do so. When something this artful and beautiful is created why not embrace it and show it off? One day my body will change but for now I will go with it. I’ve spent nearly 28 years hating my skin. Enough is enough.

Different designs, textures and fun through fashion is such a wonderful thing. The body and its place within the fashion industry is a very controversial one and I think it’s an important subject to approach. So many models, fashion houses and stylists are vindicated for certain body types. Attacked over size, height, weight. So many people get cross over examples that are set. Forgetting that it’s mainly the medias responsibility for such idealistic, suggestive body types. Glamorising surgery, designer vaginas and the like. Making women fear their lack of perfection. Worry that they aren’t deemed attractive. Comparing their wonderful individuality to each other. I am also well aware it’s not just women who are affected by these things. Men also are subject to body related issues and I feel we as a society have a lot to answer for when it comes to the definition of beauty.

 NO to normal. I hate that word. There is no normal. As far as I am concerned beauty comes in many forms it’s whether you choose to see it.

*Disclaimer… I’m afraid once you come across you will end up spending. I for one cannot be responsible for this loss.. But I can assure you, you’re in wonderful hands and your money will be well spent*

“I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and naïve.

I want women to look stronger. I don’t like women to be taken advantage of. I don’t like men whistling at women in the street. I think they deserve respect. I like men to keep theirdistance from women I like men to be stunned by an entrance. 

I’ve seen a woman get nearlybeaten to death by her husband, I know what misogyny is. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress” – The late, Great Alexander McQueen.

*The item worn in this post was gifted to me by the wonderful and talented, Jo at Cream Intimates* 

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