That Choking Feeling

Picture this if you will…

You’re trapped in a dark room. It’s tiny, airless and there right in front of you is a dot of light. You reach towards that beautiful flicker and it moves so fast, further and further away. So you chase it, and as you chase that perfect dot of light, a shadow follows you. A dark scary voice that screams at you and tells you the light isn’t yours, you don’t deserve to dance in the light. It wraps its fingers around your neck and chokes you.

It laughs and revels in your airlessness. Your fear. You wake up gasping, sweating. Your body shaking and drained you manage to pull yourself up and for a split second, just a second you feel relief.

But those dark hands – they come after your neck again and the nightmare is real. You try to scream and you can’t. It won’t let you.

So you smile and laugh, bury the dark hands deep inside until they twist your guts and turn them inside out.

Hoping that one day that shadow will let you go, let you run.

I spent pretty much most of 2013 trailing the internet for the perfect skinny flares. Now I know that sounds ridiculous but it was incredibly frustrating being so in love with all things bohemian and not being able to find flares that adhere to your fussy taste. Now fast forward to current trends and I am stocking up on all kinds of beautifully patterned, ridiculous and bold styles as well as my stockpiling of denim. I can tell you, if there is ever a shortage of flares; which I fear I could be responsible for; most will be found in my wardrobe.

This H&M pair fulfil my inner autumnal freak and the perfect blend of dark colours and patterns play so well together especially for dancing around damp trees on a perfect October afternoon.

If you ever feel that a grey day is lasting forever… Dance in the rain. Make it ridiculous too – people will stare, so make it worth their while.

Flares & Jumper – H&M | Shoes – ASOS | Necklace – Empty Casket|

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