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Hello loves, I am back… After a hopeless year I am picking my sorry bootay back up off the proverbial floor and be active and healthy once more. I’ve decided to take my blog into a slightly different direction. I will still be posting recipes and there will be some fashion. However I am keen to explore my writing and some rather unusual subject matter. I’ve come to the conclusion that I do controversy pretty well so don’t be alarmed by some up coming content. I feel my writing is a lot better when I am as honest and open as possible. So keep a look out.

Oh Yes I am going there…

If you love a Mocha you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this recipe.

Being a Granola advocate and having a serious, I mean serious addiction to Oats you can only imagine how ridiculous I get at the thought of a caffeine fulled choccy delight such as this.

Now this one isn’t a Vegan recipe as I use honey, however its full of flavor and of course gluten free.

I am halfway through my Nutritional Therapy modules now and believe me it’s facinating. I can’t wait to be able to put my knowledge into practice with personalized meal plans for all.. Yep. I’m excited to be able to help others in their quest to healthier happier bodies. All in due course.






So… You will require:

2 Desert Bowls of Steel Cut GF Oats

3 Tablespoons of Instant Coffee of choice

3 Squares of 75% Dark Chocolate

3 Tablespoons of Manuka Honey

1 Cup of ground Flaxseed

1 cup of mixed nuts and dried fruit of choice –  I chose Cashews for their skin boosting vitamins and creamy flavour plus lemon peel and cranberry as we are of course approaching the festive season. Never too early…

1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon & 1 Tablespoon of Mixed Spice

1/2 Cup boiling water


Pre Heat your oven to 150 degrees – low temperatures are of the essence with baking granola, it allows the oats to bake and the honey to crisp without causing burning.

Pop your dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix.

Add the coffee, chocolate and honey to a cup and pour boiling water over until melted.

Mix the liquid into the oat mix until coated evenly.

Pop the mixture into a grease proof tray and pop into the oven.

Allow 15 mins to pass and use a fork to tease the mixture into granola pieces and allow to bake for a further 15mins.

Once baked remove and allow to cool . Keep in an airtight container until ready to consume. This is particularly delicious with coconut milk or on top of a smoothie or yogurt.

I also highly recommend jamming to Dexcel ft. Charley Pinfold – Silence; whilst baking. It is such a tune and let’s face it music and baking wholesome food is a joy. Well I think so anyway.

Till the next time, Haim.


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