It’s clearly no secret that I absolutely obsess over breakfast. My love for it came only around 3 years ago. I decided to start playing around with different cereal ideas, flavours and textures. I am a HUGE fan of Granola.

Unfortunately ALOT of the Granolas available on the market today are full of hidden nasties, lots of processed sugars and ingredients that will ultimately give you a huge high and crash.

I find I need something sustainable to keep me going throughout the day. When you spend as much time as I do being hyper and active a massive sugar crash will not fit well.


I came across Believe via Twitter and when they offered to send me a box of their Granola I was obviously more than happy to try it!

Ordinarily I do prefer to keep my diet as Vegan as possible. I just prefer it that way. Believe uses Honey so at first I was a little unsure if I’d enjoy how sweet it would be.

Well I was so pleasantly surprised. It’s delicious! Ha eating my words there eh!

Believe is branded as a beauty cereal! Who doesn’t want a breakfast food that not only tastes wonderful but also is doing you good on the inside too! It’s packed with 17 different vitamins and minerals to help maintain a radiant complexion, healthy skin, hair and nails.



It’s a no brainer really –  NOW I confess that I did pretty much scoff the whole box in 2 weeks. I don’t advise this excessive consumption, but it’s hard not to enjoy!

You can find Believe here –

I can’t recommend them enough.




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