As Per Usual

Yay… My first post about my daily outift habits.

Jumper Dress – ASOS
Bag – Ebay
Boots – Primark
Sadly the weather outside today is awful – grey and drizzling so the pictures are in the stairwell at work…

No suprises it’s all black, I am a HUGE lover of the absense of colour. Although having said that today is particularly plain, as I have said may a time being one of the laziest people alive I will throw stuff on that takes little effort. I tend to jazz things up with a splash of colour but I felt the jumper dress was to take centre stage, it is so warm there is no chance of getting chilly in it even with my stumpy legs out.
The bag is a brilliant copy of the Zara tote that EVERYONE has had this year – it’s been my handbag for months now – I am not a handbag person I tend to use one till it dies and move onto the next.
The little booties are perfect to throw on with a little dress or jeans and extremely comfy for mooching about in the office.
I know the camera quality isn’t great – I am aiming on getting a decent camera soon… Crisp, bright,wintery mornings are my absolute fav so already looking forward to snapping some shots on days like that. Also my love for cosy jumpers is ridiculous so I love the winter months to show them off.
My hair looks pants today, literally rough dried it and smoothed it over a little with my brush so it’s a bit of a blessing it blends in with my jumper here… Not a good advert for my styling I know.
Mid Week means one thing… We are on the down slope to Friday. HURRAH!

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