As Darkness Decends

Autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. This is no secret, I love the smells. Food. Hallows marks the coming of Pagan New Year and I am in full horror loving mode.

I do focus on my experiences and feelings towards todays societies ideals on what is considered universally beautiful. I firmly believe in the beauty of the mind and soul. But the human form is so varied it’s intreguing. So let’s celebrate it and fashion, style and expression can aid that!

So once a week; amongst my posts on food and fashion along with some deep and meaningful, slightly facetious jokes about my health and tastes in clothes, I will be writing my loves lists. Places I go, people who inspire me. Books that have left a lasting impression for one reason or another.

Today’s post is about a love affair with horror and the humble pair of jeans. Trawling charity shops for beautiful unloved pieces that I can turn into a lovely outfit is one of my forms of therapy, with my collection of chunky boots and a pair of jeans, I have a very distinct style. It hasn’t changed much in that I have always dressed FOR MYSELF. 

I do not wake up thinking right; I will wear this to get attention. In actual fact quite the opposite. I cannot bare being centre of attention in public. If you follow me via social media you will probably question that. “What a hypocrite; and how contradictory with the amount of poesy, pouty selfies you put up.” The irony behind that is this is not a reflection of my personality. I am extremely shy and it takes a lot for me to be comfortable enough with people to go places and see things with them or even share my personality with them. In fact I am a lot more comfortable in my own company and a good book. 

I seek solace in nature, literature, horror and self expression through fashion.

Horror – I feel as a movie genre it is wasted and mocked. My best friend and I constantly have this discussion. Fear is without a doubt in the mind. Something is only scary if it tugs at a part of your imagination. So gore and guts may be what has de sensitised the whole horror scene. It’s all out in the open so there isn’t much to make the imagination run wild. The dark is so scary because you can’t see, right? I can honestly say that I was incredibly distressed by The Fly (1985)

Not because of the obvious… What frightened me most was the subtext of the film. The obsession with his work and how it destroyed him. His lover watching him dissapear and change into a mutant fly hybrid. I had nightmares for three days after I saw it for the first time. 

So here is my outfit in ode to fear… A dark and twisted tale on why buying the perfect high waisted denim can be a confusing and terrifying experience.

You have no box that you fit in – your body isn’t one size fits all. You’re neither Tall nor Petite in height. So you trawl the internet, the shopping outlets send you into panic, loss and feelings of depletion. UNTIL… ASOS create wonderful affordable denim varieties. That fit you. 

The horror is over. Or is it? Is it just the start of a terrifying ordeal into how many pairs can one girl wear in a lifetime before she drowns in a denim sea. After all as darkness fills the sky her blood turns cold and she wonders, will I ever escape my black and blue maze. 


Jeans – ASOS 

Remember… When skantly clad in public, take a hat and a pumpkin to cover your modesty. The elders may frown. 

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