A Personal Perspective

So – I am a real blogging virgin.
I am unsure of the big wide world that is the web…
I am a big lover of fashion and style. I am an obsessive reader of blogs – constantly pulling inspiration from some incredibly beautiful and talented people.
I do not however work in fashion. I am a stylist – so I follow trends for hairdressing inspo.
People are fascinating. The odds and sods of the world really interest me.
A couple of weekends ago my best friend and I trawled the streets of London on a Saturday shopping, eating, drinking – the people in London are like no other. It is a real place of intrigue…
My favourite spot of the day was in Neal’s Yard – a woman in her 80s pushing a zimmer frame had rainbow coloured dreadlocks. I honestly can say I would love to be that bonkers when I am that age. It takes balls to dress and look how you want to no matter how old you are.
Not everyone agrees on what is “stylish” however I think anyone can agree real style is wearing something that says this is me.
So this is me and this is my world – I am blogging as a way of self expression. The clothes I like, food I enjoy, music I listen to and the things that make me tick…
It’s going to take me a while to get used to this and before I get any decent material but lets see how this goes…

Oh that’s me. Hi.

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